A Missional Family’s Budget

Jordan – May 17, 2013 Leave a comment
Missional budget

A family’s budget shapes a lot more than spending habits. Oftentimes, what stands between a family who makes disciples and a family that doesn’t (all things the same) is how the family budget is set up and handled.

5 things a missional family budgets for:

1. Providing for your brothers and sisters in need

It’s when a brother loses a job, someone’s car dies, or you encounter an orphan’s story in Zambia. You’d like to help  but the reality is it’s really hard to help out when needs arise if it hasn’t been anticipated in the budget. Try budgeting a significant percentage of your income toward the needs of others in the family of God.

2. Giving to strangers in need

Jesus said to “give to everyone who begs from you” (Luke 6:30). This isn’t the same as giving to charity. This is being ready and willing to give sacrificially to someone whose need has landed in your path. In the moment you’re faced with it, are you ready to give without fretting about how it may throw off your budget? Build it in. Expect it. Maybe even coordinate this budget item within your community. We’ve heard lots of stories of youth who feel God’s leading to sponsor a GlobalFingerprints kid but just can’t afford it alone. So they get together with their youth group and provide for a child in need as a community.

3. Hospitality

Budgeting for hospitality may be as simple as putting a halt to your frugality and turning on the heat when guests come over in October (Yes, in Minnesota we have to turn the heat on in October). It also may be as extravagant as budgeting in some home renovations so you can provide a guest bedroom for someone. Hospitality needs to be built into the budget or risk being stingy with guests.

4. Getting out, having fun, and resting like pros

Restful recreation has to be budgeted in for three reasons: 1) You’ll burn out if you don’t, 2) It’s incredibly important to have fun as a family, and 3) Your family needs to be out and visible in your community. Planning and budgeting for this really helps.

5. Funding the mission

The reality is, the mission requires financial resources. Consider with your family how you can multiply the mission and disciples beyond your home for Jesus’ fame. A great way to disciple your kids and a child across the globe is through sponsoring a GlobalFingerprints youth. Consider adding the $35/month budget item to do it. Another way is to support a missionary. ReachGlobal has over 550 missionaries all around the world with new ones raising financial support all the time. Ask the Father for opportunities to help fund His mission.

What budget item would you add?

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